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Anyone got the number for Origamaholics Anonymous?

17.5.07 by literaghost

What I should be/should've been doing:

  • Working

  • Updating blog

  • Explaining what the hell I was talking about in the beginning of my last post

  • Writing Morphine semi-tribute/music post

  • Working through Perilous Times before the library confiscates it or something

  • Responding to my dA comments

  • Responding to comments, period (I haven't forgotten you, Thivai, I swear!)

  • Getting butter, chocolate, gelatin, peppermint oil, and heavy cream from the grocery

  • Going through the 607 unread deviations on my dA watch

  • Probably 15 more things I've already forgotten about

What I've actually been doing:

  • Folding cranes

Lots...and lots...of cranes.
173, to be exact.

The smallest's slightly more than half-an-inch or slightly less than two centimeters in wingspan (depending on your country).

I know, I know, I'm crazy. I can't help it, though - this stuff is addicting!

Wait...why's my hand all spotty-looking in that last picture? Oh, no, it''s...

...THE FOLDING SICKNESS! Mother always told me to beware of those tricky Japanese handiworks, I should've listened...

Actual posts starting tomorrow night.

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