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Beginning the siege of photo posts

25.5.07 by literaghost

I've been working on adding borders to some of my better photos - think I'll need to play around with widths and such. Any comments?


These roots run deeper than you'd expect.


Part of the old water tower (now arts center) - Louisville, Kentucky.


Photo collage - Orphanage #4, St. Petersburg, Russia. This particular orphanage "specializes" in (if you could call it that) mentally and physically disabled children. All of the orphans there have some degree of schizophrenia, and quite a few of them have conditions that leave them permanently infant-like, despite being well into their teens. Many stories here...*

Pictures link to original pics in my dA gallery. (Borders added using Picnik.)

More photos coming soon, and continuing - at least until I get other posts written, and perhaps even after that.

*Explanation of title: here, taking photos directly of the children felt boorish and awkward to me - instead, I took a picture of pictures. Which of us could be called "camera-shy," then? Hmm.

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