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Hurrah, link to backlinks finally working!

20.2.06 by literaghost

Not sure what happened there - I reposted the code where it was the first time, and then it worked. Weird. Ah, well.

Wheeeee! The geekiness will infect EVERYONE! Muahahahahaha!

[Over and out, finally]

That's not sweat, that's my creative juices flowing!

by literaghost

Not that I'm sweating anyway, because I'm still lazy, but oh well.

In the quest for creating a less stifling background, I've been painting. Unfortunately, neither of the things I painted have any use as a background whatsoever, but I'm pleased with the results nonetheless.

The first*

The second

All the random brightness variations and crease-looking things are a result of the canvases being larger than my scanner (I had to scan them in bits and piece them together on MS Paint, grrrr).

Yep, I'm multi-talented. Now, let's see if I can finally compose my vague mental abstractions... Wish me luck!

[Both pieces are acrylic on canvas.]

*The yellowish text in the middle of the upper-left-hand corner (if that makes any sense) reads:

- Thank you, Rent.

Congratulations, 'You Ain't No Picasso' and 'Motel de Moka'!

19.2.06 by literaghost

You're blogs of note!

Of course, I'm probably far behind the times on this one, but wanted to draw attention to 'em in any case. Check them out, oh four-or-so people who read this thing!

You Ain't No Picasso
Motel de Moka

Fun fact: Matt at YANP's a local. Let's give him a hand for helping disprove the notion that all Kentuckians are child-selling, animal-abusing Israel-haters.

More posts tomorrow, if I've got time. If anyone cares to know. Hahah, 'course ya do! Why? 'Cause I say so! Really!

Now Presenting: Solving the Problem of Welfare-Supported Addictions

by literaghost

Yeah, that's right, my fellow Kentuckians have discovered the solution. The addicted ones should support themselves by...

...Selling their children!

(LONDON, Ky.) -- A 19-year-old woman from Laurel County is accused of trying to sell her children -- a 4-week-old and 2-year-old.

... For Amanda Jones Marksberry, police say matters of money -- and ultimately drugs -- might have mattered more than her own children.

... After a month-long investigation the Laurel County Sheriff's Department arrested Marksberry when they say she offered to sell both children to an undercover officer.

Online Reporter: Jeff Tang

Apparently, she's not the only one around here who decided to put a spin on Swift's "Modest Proposal." Awfully clever, aren't we? Yeah.


22.1.06 by literaghost

Considering changing background. Having trouble narrowing my ideas, though. Any suggestions - as to colors, subject matters, mediums, etc.? If needed, methinks I'll just make, alter, or paint my own.

Blasted over-enthusiastic brain...

Happy Paraskavedekatriaphobia Day!

13.1.06 by literaghost

Not to alarm the superstitious, but there's also to be another full moon tonight.

And I have an essay due tonight, too...hmm...

...Guess I should get back to work on that now, eh?

Over and out, then.

Well, changed template again.

11.1.06 by literaghost

Much closer to what I really wanted at first, now. Thanks to Martijn ten Napel for the template. FINALLY figured out how to make the background image show up! [thwacks self on head repeatedly] I'll have to credit him for the temp. in the sidebar sometime...prolly not tonight, though, net time's getting low.

On a side note, apparently my photography's getting me noticed:

Subject: excellent in site
Date: 1/10/2006 6:12:17 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: [michael]
To: [literaghost]

just checked out your and you have excellent in site!!

from your profile and website and blog i'm going to push my 3 classes of students to excel even more than i have in last 6+ years. thanks for the kick in the @$$.

best to you in your future. and go get jack's on the road and read up.

regards, michael

Thanks for the complements, Michael dear; I appreciate professional opinion. (As you can see, I'll give you a bit of press as well. At least, from the 0.002 percent of people who actually visit this.)

Over and out.