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20.2.06 by literaghost

Not that I'm sweating anyway, because I'm still lazy, but oh well.

In the quest for creating a less stifling background, I've been painting. Unfortunately, neither of the things I painted have any use as a background whatsoever, but I'm pleased with the results nonetheless.

The first*

The second

All the random brightness variations and crease-looking things are a result of the canvases being larger than my scanner (I had to scan them in bits and piece them together on MS Paint, grrrr).

Yep, I'm multi-talented. Now, let's see if I can finally compose my vague mental abstractions... Wish me luck!

[Both pieces are acrylic on canvas.]

*The yellowish text in the middle of the upper-left-hand corner (if that makes any sense) reads:

- Thank you, Rent.

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Thivai Abhor said...

Ooops, I accidently hit the create a link and now I have learned about tarcback links... sorry I delted it, but what I sad was I would choose the first one because it seems more potent, while the other...

How do I make that tracback link on my weblog?