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Going back in time - my New Year's Day

25.1.08 by literaghost

It snowed.

Went out and took some photos after dinner, just as it was starting to get dark. I went out once and it was difficult for me to turn my head against the wind - snow blew up in my eyes whenever I faced the house. Went out again a minute later and it had died down.

First Snow of the Year - 3

First Snow of the Year - 5

First Snow of the Year - 6

Once I came inside and finished defrosting my fingers, I set out on a painting spree.

11"x14"; acrylic paint and nail polish on canvas

7"x9"; acrylic paint and nail polish on canvas (this one looks better in person)

5"x7"; acrylic paint and nail polish on canvas (starting to see a pattern?)

These I'm trying not to get too attached to, as I might sell them (if I can, that is) and thus (maybe) get a head-start on student loans. In the meantime, I'm completely at a loss for titles. Suggestions? (Price suggestions also appreciated).)

[Update 2/13/08: Finally settled on titles. How do you like them?]

Oh, hey, I just realized I forgot to put up the abstract painting that started it all.

Ladies and gents, meet Flare.

(created September 19th, 2007)

This one's a tiny bit bigger than the 11"x14" black one (above), and it too is in acrylic and nail polish. I submitted it to a small-time campus art show, but it - sadly - didn't get in. Instead, I got a strange form-letter e-mail that essentially said it was creative and had artistic merit, but it...didn't match the other paintings. Ooookay then.

I love it all the same. (Yeah, this one I've gotten attached to. It's not going anywhere. Sorry.)

May make a post later explaining its influences...or may not, and let you actually think about it yourself.

- Miz L.

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