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Jill Of All Trades

12.6.07 by literaghost

According to The Gender Genie, 13 of my (21 entered) writing pieces were really written by a male version of myself.

I somehow suspected it'd turn out like that...hmm.

May post some snippets later tommorow, we'll see.

Nowhere to Go but

by literaghost

Nowhere to Go but, originally uploaded by literaghost.


Or is it down?

When the door's locked, nothing to do but turn around and start over.

(Craft house, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio.) .

Paris, condensed (pt. 2)

by literaghost

Paris, condensed (pt. 2), originally uploaded by literaghost.

Hip Gypsies

by literaghost

Hip Gypsies - 16, originally uploaded by literaghost.

A few belly dancers at Berea's International Festival (taken May 18th). They call themselves "The Hip Gypsies."

Go check out my Flickr page - got an account update, so my photos are better organized now. Huzzah!

- L. W.

A Brief Correspondence

by literaghost

Open Letter to Certain Nonprofits*

To Whom it May Concern;

Sometime last year, I certified my backyard with the National Wildlife Federation as a Wildlife Habitat. Shortly after my contact information entered the NWF database, I began to receive a barrage of mail from non-profits of all shapes and sizes (that would be you*), often with enclosed free stuff, and all with one ultimate goal: to solicit donations.

Now, I have no problem with this, in itself. You're nonprofits, after all - never asking for donations would be suspicious, at best. However, I feel it is my responsibility to warn you that I am a student (and, honestly, a bit of a spendthrift). What little money I have, I spend on books.**

In summary, while I apprecitate everything you do for the world, you probably shouldn't expect monetary help from me anytime soon - maybe when, you know, I actually get a job. Until then, I will continue to snag the free stuff out of your petitions and solicitations, and toss the rest into the recycling bin.


[L. W.]

*You know who you are.
**Well, and postage, but that's to get more books. Besides, the decade's supply of return-address labels you've sent me by now only aggravates matters.

Response from Certain Nonprofits

Dear [L. W.];

In your letter dated [...], you write:

What little money I have, I spend on books [...] and postage[.]

To this, we reply:



[The Nonprofit Conservationist League]