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Ringing in updates with a Triptych

14.12.07 by literaghost

Well, finally fixed the layout. Hope to have a more steady stream of content than's been going on in the past.

AerialsAn older poem of mine, but one I think could use some fresh air:


In all the expanses of Heaven,
There are no angels, there is no sunlight.
There are no harps and hearts and feathers.
There, witches offer pink cotton candy,
And there, demons dwell in pastel crayons.

Under the chapel is the ninth gate of Hell.
Here lay the thinkers, the rebels, the magicians of light and death.
We question, converse, keep ourselves company.
The greats are with us, those before their time,
Who used their allotted world-tolerance too early.

The unfinished works and businesses hover over the lawn,
Passing through time, to pass the time,
Until their time has passed on and below.
They walk, north-south, south-north, in the skylights,
And cling to the stones of the gate as they drift.


More writings (and updates on what I've been doing since the last post/summer) coming shortly. I hope.

- Miz L.

Wrote my Congressman

13.12.07 by literaghost

Regarding House Resolution 847: "Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith" (text; Friendly Atheist post).


Dear Representative Chandler;

My name is [X]. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I introduced you to the Congressional Award Program a few years ago by being the first Kentuckian to whom you presented their medals.

Over the years, I believe you have represented our state extremely well. I have applauded your efforts to support Kentucky's environment and the people in it; I have urged many of my friends and family members to vote for your re-election.

This is why I was shocked, and deeply saddened, to discover that yesterday you helped to approve House Resolution 847 ("Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith").
I have thoroughly read the text of this bill as it was written by its sponsor, and have come to the following conclusion: If it was introduced as simply a symbolic gesture, it was a waste of legislation time and the taxpayer dollars that funded it. If it is ever acted upon, or if it is used as the basis for further legislation that "expresses ... support for Christians," it ruthlessly violates the First Amendment of our Constitution.

I think I can understand why you voted for this bill. In today's political climate, it is dangerous to appear "anti-Christian." Candidates of all parties, in all regions, and for all positions have been tripping over themselves to prove their piety - despite our Constitution's "no religious test" clause, which says they shouldn't have to. I understand that it takes a great deal of courage to stand up to this climate; indeed, in the case of this bill, only nine did. I can understand how one might give in to these pressures - but I cannot respect it. Climates such as this make adherence to the letter and spirit of our Constitution ever more important.

Mr. Chandler, through the Congressional Award Program I have worked with many outstanding Kentuckians of all backgrounds, ages, genders, races, and classes. I have worked side-by-side with people of many different beliefs and religions, and with people of no religion. H. RES. 847 does them a great disservice, and shows an extraordinary amount of disrespect for their efforts. As a Congressman, it is your duty to represent all Kentuckians, not just those of a particular faith. Laws do not exist for the protection of the majority, for those are not the ones who need the protection.

This resolution specifically states, "the House of Representatives ... expresses its deepest respect to American Christians and Christians throughout the world." However, a clause in our First Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." Perhaps I show my youth by preferring a document just over 220 years old to a religion established towards the end of the Roman Empire.

I hope that in future legislative action, you will further your record of keeping the diverse interests of Kentuckians in mind - and that you will also keep in mind our country's founding principles.



[literaghost/Miz L.'s name]