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Return from (Unannounced) Hiatus

23.8.07 by literaghost

Clear off! This is our park!, originally uploaded by Reciprocity.

I'm back. Miss me? Yeah, didn't think so.


I wonder what caused that bridge collapse...could it be due to government corruption? Shoddy infrastructure? The Wrath Of God?

Nope! Pigeons!

Experts say the corrosive guano deposited all over the span's framework helped the steel beams rust faster.

Although investigators have yet to identify the cause of the bridge's Aug. 1 collapse, which killed at least 13 people and injured about 100, the pigeon problem is one of many factors that dogged the structure.

I think the best responses to this come from my mom, and a commenter on the CBS page -


Commenter ("AaaBee"): Poop, huh? Nope, ain't buying it. The White House is still standing after 7 years of shit.

More posts coming as soon as I have time. Recordings from where I've been during the hiatus also coming, as soon as I can figure out how to upload and post them properly. Damn computer troubles...

- Miz L.