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22.1.06 by literaghost

Considering changing background. Having trouble narrowing my ideas, though. Any suggestions - as to colors, subject matters, mediums, etc.? If needed, methinks I'll just make, alter, or paint my own.

Blasted over-enthusiastic brain...

Happy Paraskavedekatriaphobia Day!

13.1.06 by literaghost

Not to alarm the superstitious, but there's also to be another full moon tonight.

And I have an essay due tonight, too...hmm...

...Guess I should get back to work on that now, eh?

Over and out, then.

Well, changed template again.

11.1.06 by literaghost

Much closer to what I really wanted at first, now. Thanks to Martijn ten Napel for the template. FINALLY figured out how to make the background image show up! [thwacks self on head repeatedly] I'll have to credit him for the temp. in the sidebar sometime...prolly not tonight, though, net time's getting low.

On a side note, apparently my photography's getting me noticed:

Subject: excellent in site
Date: 1/10/2006 6:12:17 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: [michael]
To: [literaghost]

just checked out your and you have excellent in site!!

from your profile and website and blog i'm going to push my 3 classes of students to excel even more than i have in last 6+ years. thanks for the kick in the @$$.

best to you in your future. and go get jack's on the road and read up.

regards, michael

Thanks for the complements, Michael dear; I appreciate professional opinion. (As you can see, I'll give you a bit of press as well. At least, from the 0.002 percent of people who actually visit this.)

Over and out.